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    Sara Youner

    “When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
    you touch everything.”

    – Lao Tzu –

    Practising Chines Medicine is the culmination of a lifetime of exploring holistic health plus my career as a librarian, lawyer, lactation consultant and raising 7 wonderful children.  My mom raised us on whole grains, home-baked everything and plenty of vegetables.

    The practice of personal injury law and later medical collections reminded me often that everything can change in a minute;  your health is a precious resource not to be squandered or taken for granted.

    For years, I traveled between my legal job in Springfield where I dealt with individuals overcome by the physical and financial costs of their illnesses to my acupuncture school and student clinic in lower Manhattan where I learned how to balance and strengthen the body.

    The goal of Morning Light Acupuncture is to provide emotional support and physical relief to patients challenged with chronic disease, pain, anxiety, and depression. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about recovering the natural balance of the body to allow healing to take place. So much of Western Medicine relies on suppressive therapies: suppress the fever, cough, pain, indigestion without getting to the root of the dysfunction.

    At Morning Light, my patients are taught to participate in their healing. Acupuncture is a dynamic medicine and the patient’s engagement is crucial. Simple meditative and relaxation techniques, dietary suggestions and herbal formulas are all part of healing.

    Acupuncture is a subtle medicine whose effects are not always immediately apparent. I encourage my patients to allow at least five treatments to see if acupuncture is the appropriate treatment modality for their condition.


    “Better than three Advil.”


    “I felt amazing after my last treatment.”


    “I can walk without pain.”


    “I felt like I was floating after my last treatment.”


    Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny filiform needles along meridians or channels in the patients body based on the condition or pattern of the patient.  Needles insertion is generally not painful though some points or patients are more sensitive than others.  All needles are steel, sterile and single use.

    Cupping is a traditional and widespread healing modality used from Asia to Europe to theMiddle East. Glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin creating suction that relieves pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow. Cupping received a lot of attention during the 2016 Olympics when the U.S. Swim team sported the round cupping marks from pre-event treatments. We use cupping as both a stand-alone as well as an adjunctive treatment.


    Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the whole person; we think what you eat is very important! Foods have different qualities such as dampness (sugar and dairy) heat (meat) and cold (oranges) that can affect individuals in different ways. Some foods are considered to be especially helpful for certain conditions, e.g. chicken soup with ginger for a cold. We can provide dietary and nutritional guidance to enable our patients to experience optimal effects from their treatment.


    As a board-certified herbalist, I can prescribe Chinese herbal formulas to my patients as indicated by the pattern or condition. I only use companies that provide vigorous oversight in the sourcing and manufacture of their herbal products. I will also recommend topical balms and liniments as indicated.

    Eye Disorders

    “The eyes are the windows of the soul.”

    I specialize in the mental and emotional health of my patients, so it makes sense to treat their eyes as well. I have trained extensively with Andy Rosenfarb, a world-renowned acupuncturist specializing in the treatment of degenerative eye conditions such as ARMD, glaucoma, and cataracts. I use natural and effective treatments including acupuncture, acupressure, herbal formulas, nutritional advice, and Qi Gong exercises.

    To find out more about MicroAcupuncture 48, a protocol developed by Andy Rosenfarb, L.A.c., to treat eye conditions, click here.

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