acupuncture Springfield NJ

Pain and discomfort due to an illness or disease may be eased with a technique called acupuncture. You are likely familiar with acupuncture in Springfield, NJ. It uses needles to balance the energy in your body. It is known to help with a variety of conditions and can improve your overall feeling of health and wellbeing.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is traditional technique that utilizes thin needles to stimulate specific parts of the body.  Needles are tiny filiform steel needles that are sterile and are used only once. Most patients are not bothered by the insertion of needles since they are very small. Many people report feeling only a slight pinch such as you may feel if you pricked yourself with a sewing needle.

Acupuncture in Springfield, NJ is often considered a good way to boost your overall wellbeing and is also thought to cure some conditions. The acupuncturist inserts needles into the body in specific locations that correspond to parts of the body in order to balance the energy. Certain combinations of needles work best to clear different types of imbalances and improve various conditions.

Many studies have found that patients indeed show improvement due to acupuncture therapy.  There is no scientific proof that the technique works but it has been used for centuries and is very well-documented. The techniques used in acupuncture were originally created in China and have possibly been in use for thousands of years.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using Acupuncture in Springfield, NJ?

There are a variety of different conditions that can be successfully treated with acupuncture in Springfield, NJ. The World Health Organization lists a number of conditions for which acupuncture is a proven effective treatment. Some of these include blood pressure regulation, ulcers, rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gastric conditions, tennis elbow, dental pain, sciatica, sprains and in the reduction of the risk of stroke.

It is also proven to be useful for the treatment of morning sickness and for reducing the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Acupuncture in Springfield, NJ is also potentially effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia, neuralgia, spinal pain, whooping cough, Tourette syndrome, substance dependence, headaches, stiff neck and post operative healing. It can also be beneficial in treating depression.

One of the best things about acupuncture is that it is a non-invasive, safe treatment that generally does not have any negative side effects. Therefore, if you would like to try it to help with any condition or illness that you have it is an available option.

Acupuncture is a dynamic treatment that can be a successful part of holistic care. Acupuncture can be included along with meditation and relaxation techniques, a healthy diet and herbal formulas. Acupuncture provides subtle results that may be more apparent over time. You can enjoy the many benefits of acupuncture when you participate on a regular basis.

You can begin to balance your by making new choices and opting for different ways to improve your life and awaken your mind. Contact us today to schedule an acupuncture appointment. 


acupuncture Springfield NJ