Sara Youner

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.”

– Lao Tzu –

The goal of Morning Light Acupuncture is to provide emotional support and physical relief to patients challenged with chronic disease, pain, anxiety, and depression. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about recreating the natural balance of the body to allow healing to take place. So much of Western Medicine relies on suppressive therapies: suppress the fever, cough, pain, indigestion without getting to the root of the dysfunction.

At Morning Light, my patients are taught to participate in their healing. Acupuncture is a dynamic medicine and the patient’s engagement is crucial. Simple meditative and relaxation techniques, dietary suggestions and herbal formulas are all part of healing.

Acupuncture is a subtle medicine whose effects are not always immediately apparent. I encourage my patients to allow at least five treatments to see if acupuncture is the appropriate treatment modality for their condition.