Our Covid-19 Safety Measures

At Morning Light Acupuncture we understand how important it is for your to feel safe. In light of current and continuing health concerns we have instituted and reinforced our safety practices.

First of all, be reassured your safety is our primary concern. Remember, we don’t want to get sick either! Presently, only 1 patient is allowed in the office at a time. All companions will have to wait in your vehicle.

Your visit starts before you get into the office with a Covid-19 questionnaire assessing your health status. If there are any issues we ask that you please reschedule your appointment. You will receive a call before you enter the office for a brief intake while in your car. This avoids added time in the office. Once you enter, wearing a mask, we have hand sanitizer for your immediate use, your temperature and O2 level are taken. Only then will you enter the treatment room. The table is wiped down after each patient with an EPA approved disinfectant. All touch surfaces are cleaned before and after treatment. I am wearing a surgical mask and lab coat which removed and replaced after each patient. I also use a face shield. I ask that your mask is left on at all times during treatment.

We continue to use cloth sheets and face table coverings. These items are removed and placed in a separate closed laundry bin after each patient. I am using a disposable face cradle covering under the cloth covering which is removed and discarded. I wash my hands before and after each treatment and again before needles are removed. Please keep in mind that as a health-care practitioner I have been trained and required to follow universal precautions for both the safety of the patient and practitioner even before the current situation.

When your appointment is over and you have left; the room is wiped down, including the floor. Of course, the bathroom is given a wipe down as well.

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